A & A Auto Supply
Address: 415 E 14th, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7949
email: aaautosupply@hotmail.com
Category: Auto Parts

A Renewed Serenity A Renewed Serenity
Address: 1020 Pine St., Harper, KS
Phone: 620-243-3847
email: mermeryoder@yahoo.com
Category: Massage Therapist

Anthony Farmers Coop
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 111, Anthony, KS 67003
Phone: 620-842-5181
email: anthonycoop78@hotmail.com
Category: Coop

B & H Builders
Address: 627 E 8th Avenue, Kingman, KS
Phone: 620-532-6217
email: jerryhenning@sbcglobal.net
Category: Construction

BancCentral BancCentral
Address: 1002 Central St – P.O. Box 7, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-1035
Website: BancCentral
Category: Bank

Blanchat Mfg., Inc Blanchat Mfg., Inc Blanchat Mfg., Inc on YouTube
Address: W Main & Hwy 160 – P.O. Box 444, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7145
email: sales@blanchatmfg.com
Website: Blanchat Mfg., Inc
Category: Fire Truck Mfg

City of Harper
Address: 201 W Main St – P.O. Box 337, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2511
Website: City of Harper
Category: City Office

Cox Machine
Address: 949 N Hwy 14, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2379
Website: Cox Machine
Category: Manufacturer

D’Marios D'Marios
Address: 702 W 14th St, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2414
email: harperdmarios@gmail.com
Website: D’Marios Pizza
Category: Restaurant

DLS Underground, LLC DLS Underground, LLC
Address: 874 N State Rd 14, Harper, KS
Phone: 316-648-1857
Website: DLS Underground, LLC
Category: Construction

Edward Jones
Address: P.O. 332, 127 W. Main, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-842-5599
email: ron.poor@edwardjones.com
Website: Edward Jones
Category: Insurance Agency

Elkhorn Valley Packing
Address: 101 Central Avenue, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2161
Category: Meat Packing Plant

Freeport State Bank
Address: 807 W 14th St Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7391
Website: Freeport State Bank
Category: Bank

H & R Block
Address: 101 W Main, Anthony, KS
Phone: 620-840-1019
Website: H & R Block
Category: Tax Office

Harper Advocate
Address: 907 Central Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7311
Category: Newspaper

Harper City Historical Society
Address: 221 E US Hwy 160 Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7905
Category: Non-Profit Organization

Harper County Community Development Harper County Community Development
Address: 201 N Jennings, Anthony Harper, KS
Phone: 620-842-6030
Website: Harper County Community Devel
Category: County Office

Harper County Ext Council
Address: 819 Central – P.O. Box 275, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-842-5445
Category: County Office

Harper Hospital
Address: 700 W 13th, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7324
Website: Harper Hospital
Category: Hospital

Harper Industries Harper Industries
Address: 151 E US Hwy 160, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7381
Website: Harper Industries
Category: Manufacturing

Harper Lodge
Address: 114 W Main, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7666
Category: Non-profit Organization

Harper Pharmacy
Address: 615 W 12th St, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7700
Category: Pharmacy

Harper United Methodist Church Harper United Methodist Church
Address: 154 E US Highway 160, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2952
Category: Church

IronGates Insurance Group IronGates Insurance Group
Address: 111 N Kansas Ave, Anthony, KS
Phone: 620-842-3851
Website: IronGates Insurance Group
Category: Insurance Agency

Irwin-Potter Pharmacy
Address: 202 W Main, Anthony, KS
Phone: 620-842-5119
Category: Pharmacy

May Chiropractic
Address: 123 E 14th, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7777
Website: May Chiropractic
Category: Chiropractor

Midwest Machine Inc
Address: 1100 W Main St, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-5050
Category: Manufacturer

Newberry Family Auto Newberry Family Auto
Address: 890 N Hwy 14 – P. O. Box 66, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7344
Website: Newberry Family Auto
Category: Car Dealership

Pink Zebra Pink Zebra
Category: Independent Business

Prairie Rose Funeral Home Prairie Rose Funeral Home
Address: 613 W 14th – P. O. Box 272, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2900
Website: Prairie Rose Funeral Home
Category: Funeral Home

R & R Construction
Phone: 620-243-3546
Category: Construction

Ricke’s Home Center Ricke's Home Center
Address: 1303 Monroe – P.O. Box 406, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2924
Category: Home Improvent Store & Lumber Yard

Ron’s T.V. & Appliance
Address: 1016 W 14th St, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7580
Category: Retail Store

SCTelcom SCTelcom
Address: 215 S Iliff St, Medicine Lodge, KS
Phone: 620-930-8060
Website: SCTelcom
Category: Internet Provider

Security 1st Title
Address: 109 W. Main, Anthony, KS
Phone: 620-842-3333
Website: Security 1st Title
Category: Title Insurance

SPK Grocery Inc SPK Grocery Inc
Address: 406 E 14th St, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2705
Category: Grocery Store

Strong’s Insurance, Inc
Address: 526 N LL & G, Anthony, KS
Phone: 620-842-3226
Website: Strong’s Insurance, Inc
Category: Insurance Provider

Sunflower Dental
Address: 1404 Maple St, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-7605
Website: Sunflower Dental
Category: Dentist

USD 361 – Chaparral
Address: 124 N Jennings, Anthony, KS
Phone: 620-842-5183
Website: USD 361 – Chaparral
Category: School

Waste Connection Waste Connection
Address: 440 NE 150th Rd, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2229
Website: Waste Connection
Category: Trash Service

Westview Apartments
Address: 1300 N Westview, Harper, KS
Phone: 620-896-2380
Category: Apartments